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a whole pig 

    Here are the questions that we get asked the most:

    Most frequent questions and answers

    How much meat is a whole pig?

    We grow our pigs to be about 300 lbs live weight. You can expect approximately 150 lbs of meat cuts, in addition to fat, soup bones and organs, if you choose to keep them.

    How much freezer space do I need for one pig?

    You will need about 7-8 cubic feet of freezer space. Also, remember to bring 2 large coolers (120QT) to pick up your meat. It will stay safely frozen for several hours, and it is really important for meat quality and safety that the meat does not superficially thaw during transport.

    How do I know which cuts to choose?

    Please download our free guide to buying a whole pastured pig which explains all the different options of cuts. 

    What if I don’t like certain parts of the pig or I don’t want to deal with them?

    It is your pig and you get to choose which cuts you would like. All other meat can be turned into ground meat, flavored sausage (mild, medium, hot, Italian) or brats (regular, cheese). If you don’t plan on using the fat, organs or bones, you can state it on your cut sheet. 

    Where do I pick up the pork, or can I get it delivered?

    Your meat will be ready approx. 5 weeks after the butcher date. You can pick up the meat directly at the butcher, or we can deliver it to you to one of our many pickup locations. If you want to know the options for your location, drop us an email or call us. As mentioned above, please remember to bring 2 large coolers (120QT) when picking up your meat to keep it well frozen on your way home.

    Will the meat be chilled or frozen?

    The butcher vacuum-packs and freezes all meat. The bones will be also bagged and frozen, but not vacuum-sealed, as the sharp bones perforate the seal.

    How and when do I pay?


    The first step is to pay the deposit which secures your pig. You can do so by ordering your pig through our web shop. Simply choose the desired butcher date and check out. You can pay with credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can also email or call us and pay by a mailed check. For planning purposes, remember that the meat will be ready about 5 weeks after the butcher date. 

    Total price for the pig

    When we bring the pigs to the butcher, each pig gets individually weighed during load-off. Knowing the final live weight, we determine the remaining amount of the price for the pig and will contact you via email with the amount due and payment information. 

    For example, if your pig weighs 290 lbs at the butcher, the whole animal costs $870 ($3 per lb live weight). As you have paid a $250 deposit, we will ask you to pay the remainder of $620. 

    Processing costs

    Once the butcher has processed your pig, the butchering cost is determined. You will receive an email from us with the amount and contact information of the butcher. You can pay the butcher in person if you pick up your meat directly. If we deliver your meat to one of our pickup locations, please make sure to have paid the butcher beforehand. The butcher will only release fully paid meat to us. You can expect to pay the butcher about $300 dollars. Ground and flavored sausage in 1 lb portions is free. If you would like links, patties or brats, it will come at an extra charge. 

    Why do I need to put down a deposit and is it refundable?

    As we are working with live animals and long planned butcher dates, we have to make sure that the pigs are sold before bringing them to the butcher. The deposit is a security for both you and us. Once we receive your deposit, we will reserve your pig for the butcher date you chose. Your deposit is non-refundable.