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Jones Hill Ranch is more than just an Online Store. The ranch is a living, breathing entity. 

We want you to know your farmers: Us! 

That’s why our ranch is open for visitors. And we don’t charge for it! Connect with the place you get your naturally raised meat from! You will see how we raise our animals in harmony with the environment. Know where your food comes from.

After the tour you will know why our pork tastes so extraordinary!

You will also have the opportunity to buy some pork, so bring a cooler along! 

Life on the Ranch

We breed year round and our piglets are born on this ranch. They will grow to be about 300 lbs over the course of seven months. You can see our sustainable pasture sytems that contain various age groups of pigs. You’ll see how we bring fresh feed and water to every pasture. 

Meet the Pigs

We’d love to show you how our pigs roam their pastures. During the tour, you will meet our breeding stock and see what it takes to raise a hog from start to finish. Just looking at our vast forest will give you an idea of the natural environment we provide for our livestock. We will show you where our piglets get born and how they have their own pastures with their moms. 

Please give us a call or text us to schedule your free visit!

(417) 259-2210

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