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About Us

Eric and Sandy first met in Japan training martial arts. After a long distance relationship, they got married, and Sandy moved to Eric’s farm in Wisconsin, where they grew chickens and pigs on pasture. In 2023, they moved with their breeding stock to their new 300 acre ranch in Drury, MO. Since then, they have been establishing themselves as pastured pork ranchers serving Southern Missouri, from Kansas City to St. Louis. Taking care of the land is a focal point of their farming, which is why they implemented several rotational grazing systems on silvo-pasture.


Born and raised in Germany, Sandy grew up and lived in the city. Before moving to the United States, she worked as an IT consultant for BMW in Munich. In her spare time, she taught Bujinkan, a Japanese martial art, in her own martial arts school. As a child, Sandy spent her summers with her relatives in Poland on a farm. These are some of her fondest memories and sparked her interest in naturally and humanely raised farm animals from an early age on. The experience of home-raised animals and home-cooked meat made a lasting impression on her. Sandy is now living her dream of producing the best meat for her community.


Born and raised in Wisconsin on his parents’ tree and chicken farm. He became an Airborne Ranger in the Army and later a Los Angeles police officer. After retiring, he returned to his parents’ farm to take care of his mother. He has been training martial arts for over 45 years in the US and also at the source in Japan. His Native American roots and conservationist parents instilled in him a deep need to care for animals and the earth. His love for bacon turned him into a pig rancher.

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