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Eat clean and feel the difference

Experience the power of clean eating and transform your life! Feel stronger, happier, and healthier with every bite. Fuel your body and uplift your spirit with Jones Hill Ranch pork.

Taste the Ozarks – Healthy pork from our forest to your fork!

Take control over what you eat

By buying a whole pig, you choose meat raised apart from global industries and organizations which makes you food independent. This way, you are sure to feed your family healthy meat full of nutrients. Grown right here, in the beautiful Ozarks.

Small batch – big taste

Taste the difference with Jones Hill Ranch pasture raised pork. We craft small-batch pork on our sustainable family farm to offer you nutritious and flavorful food you can feel good about.

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A natural product

No antibiotics in feed, no vaccines

Professionally butchered

Locally grown

Healthy meals with easy recipes

We understand that buying a whole pig can be intimidating!

“What do I do with all this meat?”

All you need is either a crockpot or a dutch oven. For quick meals a pan is enough. And, of course, the pork chops and ribs taste great off the grill!

Also good to know: Any parts of the pig can be made into yummy sausage or brats of your choice. So you really only get what you and your family likes to eat. It’s your pig. You decide.

In our newsletter, we regularly share tasty and easy recipes to make your cooking experience even better!  

A cut above the rest

Naturally raised, naturally delicious.

You deserve the best pork, and at Jones Hill Ranch, we grow it from start to finish. When you buy a whole pig, you can rest assured that sustainable efforts and ethical practices are the cornerstone of our ranch, so that you can feed your family healthy meat that has been raised naturally.